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One of our projects for this year is completing the restoration of the 125-year-old baptismal font that is badly in need of repair. It would be hard to guess the number of babies baptised in that font over such a long period. The Conseil du patrimoine religieux (artifact section) has agreed to a grant covering 70% of the total cost of restoration, which will be about $8,000. Your financial assistance in the form of a tax deductable donation for this or any other project will be most gratefully received.


                                                               The TOGO PROJECT

Le jour s’est levé
The day has risen
A Project for Women and Children

Our Presbytery Supervisor Rev. Eloi Gunn has initiated a project in his native country of Togo modeled after the very successful Programa Reconstrucción Rural (PRR) that was developed in Honduras. The PRR development organization is based in La Buena Fe and has been operating since 1983. The congregation of Chalmers-Wesley is pleased to offer its support for this project.
The goal of AGU YE DZE is to provide, education, livelihood assistance, agricultural extension, health care and community capacities to economically marginalized, rural families of Togo.
Togo is a young nation that received its independence in 1960. It is one of the poorest countries in the world with more than 32% of the total population living below the poverty level of $1.00 (international) per day. Togo lacks natural resources such as petroleum/oil, natural gas, and hydro electricity. It has a sub-Saharan economy that can often be decimated by drought. It depends on subsistence agriculture and commerce and many of its basic necessities must be imported.
Togo has a population of 5.5 million with a life expectancy for men of only 43 years old, and for women of 45 years old. Malnutrition is still present amongst the children and it’s estimated that more than 22% of the children under the age of 5, have stunted growth.
About 65% of Togo’s population is rural and lives in absolute poverty and rural life is difficult due to the lack of many basic essentials. Many communities lack both physical infrastructures and established structures of local governance. Educational standards are very low in the rural communities, largely due to lack of schools and the poverty of families.
AGU YE DZE intends to accomplish its goals as follows;
Not by providing relief or handouts to the rural people
but by developing their independence.
Not by creating administrative and bureaucratic barriers

but by going and living with them.
Not by enforcing our ideals

but by learning from them, and planning with them.
Not by overseeing them

but rather by working with them.
Not by telling them what we know

but rather by starting with what they know.
Building on what they have, learning from them by doing, and teaching them by showing.
Developing an integrated approach with a transferable pattern.
Specific steps to be undertaken in the coming year;

Repairing a used tractor that was donated to the project
Purchasing more farm equipment & supplies
Digging a well. (Completed in 2018)

Building pens for chickens and goats for a farming co-operative of single unemployed parents.
Purchasing more chickens and goats.
Purchasing some seeds and begin farming 5 hectares of crops   
To donate please send your cheque payable to:

Chalmers-Wesley United Church  ( Ref: Togo Project)

Chalmers-Wesley United Church
78 Rue Sainte-Ursule
Québec, QC G1R 4E8
We will be pleased to provide you with a tax receipt.

You can also make a donation using the DONATE button at the top of the page